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EUREKA Live Coverage

EUREKA 6 Hamburg - September 23 - October 3, 2016 - Event Coverage

On this page you will find all the latest Chip Counts, Seat Draws, Gallery Photos and Results from the event as well as a live Chip Feed updated regularly throughout the day.

For more information, please see the EUREKA 6 Hamburg tournament page.

Full reports from EUREKA 6 Hamburg are on the PokerStars blog.

Player Lists





Position Name Status Prize (€)
1 Dinesh Alt PokerStars player 69,120
2 Ercan Atmaca   43,790
3 Walid Abdi Ali   31,650
4 Ismet Oral   25,600
5 Erik Scheidt PokerStars qualifier 20,260
6 Marcel Schauenberg   15,590
7 Johnny Hansen   11,610
8 Stephan Van Den Wyngaert   8,400
9 George Danzer Team PokerStars Pro 6,800
10 Jan Bloch PokerStars qualifier 5,620
11 Andreas Majchrzak   5,620
12 Gisle Arne Olsen PokerStars qualifier 4,880
13 John Forst   4,880
14 Kai Schuster PokerStars qualifier 4,310
15 Robert Gorschewsky   4,310
16 David Yan PokerStars qualifier 3,880
17 Andre Haneberg   3,880
18 Frank Debus   3,520
19 Miomir Saric   3,520
20 Seung Hyun Kang   3,520
21 Edgaras Kancaitis   3,170
22 Nikolas Menke   3,170
23 Goran Milovanovic   3,170
24 Anastasios Mastroudis   2,810
25 Usman Siddique PokerStars qualifier 2,810
26 Pablo Damian Nerro Diaz   2,810
27 Bartolomiej Grabowski PokerStars qualifier 2,810
28 Tamas Gonczi PokerStars qualifier 2,460
29 Jan Christoph Von Halle   2,460
30 Marc Philipp Hammening   2,460
31 Tobias Peters   2,460
32 Jaroslaw Kamil Kosmaty PokerStars qualifier 2,100
33 Mehdi Tabrizizadeh   2,100
34 Marco Topic   2,100
35 Fabian Schaack   2,100
36 Rifat Palevic PokerStars qualifier 2,100
37 Peter Jakob   2,100
38 Thorsten Walk   2,100
39 Jesper Feddersen PokerStars qualifier 2,100
40 Jan-Ludwig Meinberg   1,740
41 Johannes Max De Hond PokerStars qualifier 1,740
42 Phong Thanh Pham   1,740
43 Sebastian Homann   1,740
44 Georges Yazbeck   1,740
45 Kai Münster   1,740
46 Andreas Heitzmann   1,740
47 Monir Marie   1,740
48 Steve Buth   1,740
49 Andrey Demidov   1,740
50 Ludvik Jossund Stranden   1,740
51 Benjamin Bussenschutt   1,740
52 Tobias Schmidt PokerStars player 1,740
53 Tom Holke   1,740
54 Eike Koehler PokerStars qualifier 1,740
55 Nicholas Schreck PokerStars qualifier 1,740

Side Events

Final Table

Final Table

Seat 1: Walid Abdi Ali, 37, Kiel/Germany - 1,515,000
Last season, Walid Abdi-Ali fell just shy of reaching the Eureka Hamburg Main Event final table. He was eliminated in tenth place, earning €7,550. But the 37-year-old from Germany didn't miss out on making the final eight this time. Ali, who hails from Kiel, has amassed more than $60k in live tournaments. Ali's largest cash came five months ago when he won the Redbet Live Rozvadov €1k High Roller for €10,500.

Seat 2: Stephan Van Den Wyngaert, 46, Antwerp/Belgium - 640,000
Stephan Van Den Wyngaert first took to the felt two years ago. Describing his biggest poker achievement, the 46-year-old says "yet to come". His biggest payday came back in August at EPT13 Barcelona. The Belgian finished fourth in the €550 Stud Hi/Lo & Omaha Hi/Lo Event, earning €4,370. Having made the Eureka 6 Hamburg final table, Van Den Wyngaert is guaranteed to top that prize as he's already secured a €8,400 payday.

Seat 3: Ismet Oral, 28, Hamburg/Germany - 910,000
Ismet Oral started playing poker when he turned 18. Ten years later, he's made it to the Eureka Main Event final table - in his home city of Hamburg. The German has only one previous reported cash worth €2,610 for a second place in the €330 NLH Deepstack at King's Rozvadov. Oral prefers to play live tournaments.

Seat 4: Ercan Atmaca, 49, Enschede/Netherlands - 1,110,000
Ercan Atmaca has been playing poker for twelve years and he had notched up three Eureka Main Event cashes before arriving for Eureka 6 Hamburg. His previous best result on the tour was 15th worth €6,180 at Eureka 5 Rozvadov. But the biggest cash in the 49-year-old's career came eight years ago when he took down the Uttrecht's 2008 Dom Classics for €71,610. Atmacas live tournament winnings will move over $250k after this tournament as he's guaranteed a €8,400 payday. The amateur poker enthusiast also enjoys tennis and football.

Seat 5: Dinesh "NastyMinder" Alt, 25, Bern/Switzerland, PokerStars player - 1,330,000
Dinesh Alt has been playing poker for the last seven years. The 25-year-old pro from Bern has already won a PokerStars regional tour Main Event - he took down the ANZPT Main Event in Sydney for A$226,320 three years ago. Alt's notched up more than $430k in live tournaments and his Hendon Mob CV includes a 25th place in the EPT10 Sanremo Main Event as well as a fourth place from APPT Macau. However, Alt's biggest achievment came in the online realm, where he's known as "NastyMinder". He won the 2016 PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker Main Event for record-breaking $396,691. Off the poker felt, the Swiss claims music as his hobby.

Seat 6: Johnny Hansen, 48, Denmark - 830,000
Although an amateur poker player, Johnny Hansen has amassed nearly $200k in live tournaments. The 48-year-old from Copenhagen took up poker six years ago. His best poker moments date back to last November when the Dane finished third in the WSOP Circuit Rozvadov Main Event for €92,892 and two weeks later appeared on the Master Classics of Poker final table, adding another €34,571. He also made a Unibet Open London final table.

Seat 7: Erik Scheidt, 29, Rostock/Germany, PokerStars qualifier - 2,390,000
Erik Scheidt is entering his second Eureka Main Event final table. His debut came back at Eureka 4 Vienna, where he finished seventh for €33,090. That still remains the German's best result to date. The 29-year-old computer specialist from Rostock has been travelling around the live circuit for the past five years. He's racked up more than $250k in live tournaments including three EPT Main Event cashes and sixth place in the €1k Berlin Cup worth €31,000. Apart from poker, Scheidt enjoys playing football.

Seat 8: Marcel Schauenberg, 25, Hamburg/Germany - 420,000
Marcel Schauenberg is another local player on the final table. The 25-year-old hails from Hamburg and has been recreationally playing poker since he turned 18. He's playing both live and online tournaments. Making this final table is the best achievement of his career. His previous biggest cash came also here in Hamburg; in June 2014, Schauenberg finished seventh in the German Poker Tour Main Event, banking €3,380.


EUREKA Leaderboard

EUREKA Season 6

Rank Players Total Pts
1 Ivan Luca 276.33
2 Tobias Peters 217.59
3 Maria Constanza Lampropulos 206.57
4 David Urban 192.21
5 Nandor-Csaba Solyom 183.28
6 Peter Siemund 182.02
7 Stoyan Stefanov 174.11
8 Mick Heder 167.65
9 Robert Kokoska 162.19
10 Hannes Speiser 157.46